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Every employer’s ultimate goal is to find quality candidates!!!

Anons Agency has grown over the years by offering high quality candidates in a variety of industries across the EU and the UK.


Low Skilled Candidates:

For this caliber of candidates we aim to provide our clients strong, professional, healthy and highly motivated people, who are willing to work long hours, and to follow simple instructions. The candidates will be with the experience you need. We are happy to offer you candidates in any area of business.


Highly Skilled Candidates:

We aim to offer highly skilled dedicated candidates, who are creative, create cultural understanding and diversify your staff. They must have good skills and education to fit your business profile. We ensure that the candidate has the motivation and experience so that you are happy and you don’t spend too much time and money to train him or her. We check the English (or other languages) level of each candidate personally and test them for reading, writing and grammar.


NVQ Apprentice / QCF / Work And Travel / Interns / Career Training Candidates:

We are offering you, young specialists as interns/apprentice. The placement of such candidates is carried out on various National Vocational Training (NVQ) or Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) courses to ensure that the candidates are properly thought about the job. Hiring an apprentice/intern will guarantee you highly motivated staff on the business premises when you have a reduction of staff, or during vacations. These students are hard workers who are eager to work and learn.


Why become an Employer with us?


Why employ International Workers?

1)   Hiring a candidate through us reduces your administrative work

2)   We will pre-screen, vet and pre-interview every candidate we send to you according to your requirements!

3)   We will carry out 2 reference checks, medical check, criminality check to ensure the applicants quality and suitability.

4)   There is NO CHARGE for employers who participate now and submit their vacancy.

5)   You have direct contact with a personalized coordinator for assistance throughout your selection process and during the employment period, and you always have the final decision regarding who you will hire.

6)   It’s fun! You can diversify your staff and learn about other cultures at the same time!



Anons Agency began its existence in 1994. Since then we build our business on quality, and on our in house data base, wide range of partner agencies and job boards. You can rest assured that we spend time to learn about your company so that we develop a customized solution for you. Together we package your offer to attract a pool of individuals according to your specifications, including work skills, language level, education and experience.


Arrival Dates:

All candidates are prescheduled to arrive on a specific date. Please contact us for information on arrival dates. We will arrange arrival of the candidate according to your needs but will let you know if this is not possible due to flights etc.


How Does It Work:

·       You send in your vacancy.

·       You send in a Work Placement Agreement, complete with signature (provided by Anons Agency).

·       We send a selection of CVs for your review.

·       You decide which CVs you would like to hire.

·       We arrange (if needed) phone interview, SKYPE or in person interview. (Please check with us regarding in person interview).

·       We identify housing and / or housing leads. If you have housing for the candidate do not hesitate to let us know!

·       The candidate arrives at a pre-set date and time.

·       You get help with the ongoing employment contract from us should problems arise with the candidate.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have. We will be happy to answer. You can submit your vacancy by clicking on the “SEND US YOUR VACANCY BUTTON” above!


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